Chiamigos is an instant chia seed pudding. All you need to do is grab a mug and add some water. How did we come up with this? So glad you asked!


The first chia seed was planted in 2016, while living our professional lives between Singapore and Canada. Accessing ready-to-eat, minimally processed, organic food was nearly impossible. So inspired the cultivation of our plant-based power breakfast. We made them for ourselves at first, mixing simple ingredients like nuts and seeds with a smooth coconut base. This went on for a while; in the morning, after a workout, before bed. Needless to say, our relationship with Chia strengthened. We began refining the formula and exploring possibilities that would allow us to bring this work-of-art into every aspect of our life. So, we boosted the protein and took out the water. Can we just say, what a difference!


Now we have a powerful super food for your pocket. A product packed with nutrients that you need for any adventure. Whether you’re on a plane or hiking the Grand Canyon, all you need is a little water and you’re good to go!




We can’t forget the reason why we’re in this business to begin with. Unable to find wholesome, nourishing snacks, we created some ourselves. Plant-based power snacks, that’s who we are. We can all benefit from eating closer to the ground, figuratively speaking!


To us, Chiamigos is a pleasant spark of shivers down the spine. All our time and effort is well-spent because we enjoy this. Wouldn’t it be great if you could take a feeling like that and share it with your friends? Well, we can! It’s truly a luxury to be in the business of food; everyone can savour the fruits, or rather the chia of our labor.


It’s in our nature to seek connections with good food and good company. You can rely on us to connect you to both nourishing food and conversation. The result, we get to share our passion with great people. Let’s connect!



Explore our featured flavours

Crunchy Peanut Butter

Perfect for long days spent paddling a canoe or treading the feet. Our Crunchy Peanut Butter carries loads of fibre and healthy fats that’ll burn slowly to keep you moving through any adventure. You’ll taste that natural peanut butter flavour with an added crunch. A flavour we’ve all come to love!

Chocolate Banana Nut

Chocolate and banana together, as one! What could go wrong!? New to the family, this flavour will be your forever tasty breakfast.

Cinnamon Almond Coconut

It has been described by many as the cinnamon roll. You will feel a subtle tropical sensation with the coconut milk before being swept into sweet territory with a smooth cinnamon aftertaste. This flavour is best served while lounging under a palm tree on a warm sunny afternoon.

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