We are the power behind your pudding and the troop behind each scoop. Feel comfortable knowing that we’re here to bring you the best possible product. Super into you and super into what we do. We also like to rhyme!


Product Development

Talk about the man with a plan. Peter is Chiamigos’ inventive engineer. When he’s not chasing down Ironman triathlons, he’s hunting the tastiest flavours for your tummy.




Chris’ connection with the land goes beyond climbing big walls and sleeping in snow caves. With a background in teaching, he is here to give us a lesson in what it means to eat sustainable, healthy food!




Katie has the power of 5 horses in her legs. This national track champion has turned her energy towards selling you great product!



Customer Service and Digital Media

Steph’s yoga practice is always keeping our media content in ‘flow’. Her calm nature comes from nursing and keeps our customers happy!



Business Development

Go with your gut! Leah’s a born chef, here to improve our pudding in ways that work with our body. Looking for ideas that are gluten-free, vegan, or low FODMAP? She has you covered from our flavour concepts to recipe creations!